Terrors of the Ancient World: A Dungeon World Monster Manual (MM1)

[Dungeon World] Terrors of the Ancient World, a monster manual
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Paperback, Pages. Terrors of the Ancient World is a collection of monsters to liven up your Dungeon World game. Inside this book you will find over a dozen new monsters, all of them illustrated in glorious full colour. This version is print-only. See the Red Box Vancouver blog for pdf options.

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From our Membership Agreement "Lulu is a place where people of all ages, backgrounds, experience, and professions can publish, sell, or buy creative content such as novels, memoirs, poetry, cookbooks, technical manuals, articles, photography books, children's books, calendars, and a host of other content that defies easy categorization. Address Address is required. Phone Number. It has over a dozen monsters, illustrated in full colour, along with all the things that make Dungeon World unique, like fronts and dangers, custom moves, and a fiction-first focus.

Terrors of the Ancient World contains plenty of new material, corrections and edits, and new illustrations. Monsters that were originally illustrated in black and white are presented here in colour. Please Note: Although the monsters we release every month as part of the Patreon campaign include versions for both Dungeon World and Labyrinth Lord, this book contains only material for Dungeon World and is designed to highlight the particular strengths of that game.

It is not compatible with Labyrinth Lord in any meaningful way. There will, of course, be a Labyrinth Lord compatible book of our monsters that presents them in ways best suited for old school fantasy role-playing, but we are still working on that. You can also buy the print version by itself no pdf! Yes, definitely. The book seems amazing, and I really want a printed copy. So I have no idea what the quality will be like. You are commenting using your WordPress. The cyclopeans will only willingly give up this fountain if they are given secure access to streams or wells that can provide them with an adequate supply of fresh water.

The cyclopeans are careful and dilligent in their defence of the fountain. His daughter Chu-sal escaped, however, and now she wants revenge. Mother of Beasts Just as the native islanders have their own shaman, so too do the cyclopeans. Her power over the elements is limited, though. Instead, she has power over the beasts and birds. Numerous types of deer, pigs, large winged lizards, and even miniature elephants will answer her call and obey her wishes. Where the male cyclopeans generally have large, elephantine ears, and pronounced tusks, females have pointed, elf-like ears and more human-like teeth.

Unlike the males, they have small horns on their heads and nipples on their torsos. Both sexes have physical builds that resemble athletic human males, which is why humans can usually only tell the difference by the size and shape of cyclopean ears. Alone of all the people on the island, the mother of beasts actually knows a thing or two about the palace in Kuna Lii.

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She knows there is a room inside it that once destroyed the ancient masters of the cyclopeans by destroying all that they valued. She warns the PCs not to go there if they should speak to her about it. Alone among the cyclopeans, she is not angry with the humans. She would council her people to a more peaceful path, but they will not listen.

Although she can ask the beasts of the island to perform tasks for her, her medicine is only good for cyclopeans and the only magic item she possesses is a golden key. The Key She has a golden key with a symbol of a bird on it. This key allows its bearer to find a secret building in Kuna Lii see page 70 , and the mother of beasts knows its properties. Sir Fessivan The mother of beasts also has an odd companion—a knight from across the oceans. The elemental golems have proved too much for him and now he has other things to worry about.

He has kept them in caves on the northern shore of the island, and with the help of the mother of beasts has managed to keep them alive and out of the hands of both cannibals and angry cyclopeans. But he is also afraid to deliver them to the fort, because of the corruption and ineptitude of its leadership.


He has been on this island so long that the other humans have even forgotten that he is here, but he still remembers them. The cyclopeans despise the caves and will not enter them to attack the shipwreck survivors. Their respect for the mother of beasts also holds them back, although if she should be killed or wounded, their anger will overcome their fears and drive them into the caves in search of human blood.

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By Johnstone Metzger. Terrors of the traditional global is a set of monsters to enliven your Dungeon international online game. within this. Terrors of the Ancient World is a collection of monsters to liven up your Dungeon World game. Inside this book you will find over a dozen new.

Instincts: To fight evil and protect the innocent. If a fight occurs on open ground: Fight from horseback. When innocents are threatened: See to their safety first.

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When they employ tricks and deception: Fight harder, show no mercy. When they show honour: Show them honour in return.

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Survivors of the Glorious There are about two dozen survivors of the wreck of the Glorious that Sir Fessivan has relocated to caves on the northern coast. They managed to take some of their belongings with them, along with some rations and supplies, but this whole experience has been an arduous trial for them already. Nerves are frayed, tempers flare, they have little to do all day but wait in damp caves and worry.

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Into the City If things get really bad, either the mother of beasts or Sir Fessivan or both will lead the shipwreck survivors into Kuna Lii in search of the secret building. They intend to stay there in safety until the violence dies down, but this is also an act of desperation.

Inevitably, it leads survivors deeper into the city, where they become victims of the elemental golems or they reach the suicide room. Kuna Lii Long ago, an inhuman race of beings built a marvellous city upon this island. Who they were, no one knows, for the world has forgotten them.

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No hint of what the Kuna Liians looked like remains. It was said to drain the colour, the joy, the life out of the universe. An emissary of this ancient race came to see the elves of old and that record is all tha tremains of them. Even their shape was erased from history. Now the city lies in ruins, overgrown by vegetation—all save the palace, which is still intact.