Muslim Minority-State Relations: Violence, Integration, and Policy

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Furthermore, see the plight of kashmiris in IOK and one can conclude that not only pakistan but other nations such as Tamil Nadu, khalistan, Hyderabad , Assam, keral etc should have been an independent country. Only Indian Muslims and Christians can answer this question.

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Time for them to speak, if they really face ill treatment. As an Indian, my personal opinion is that the partition was completely fine. Muslims of Pakistan got what they exactly wanted. The writer deals with your concern in the first paragraph! At the outset the topic could have read How well off are Muslims in India instead of he world oppressed. The Babri masjid demolition pic has been done to death in all newspapers. Muslim population in India has not decreased unlike share of minorities in Pak.

India has the highest number of mosques in the world not cou ting the darghas and tombs.

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In 3 decades I have never fouund the word oppressed to be suitably used. Not one flat belonging to Muslims was sold to a non Muslim since Little kids are told by their parents not to participate in holiday or use firecracker s during deepavali. Sikhs, Christians, Dalits, Jains all live in my complex. I' do not think this article depicts what I experience across India.

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India - From Regional to World Power. Muslims and Islam in U. Duplicate citations. According to a survey , barely a third of French Muslims even know what it is, and its opaque leadership structure disproportionately represents entities tied to Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. What They Think of Us.

You have only showed one side of it. Being from Minority community in Pakistan and having visited India. I see difference that in Pakistan the intolerant religious parties are given importance for political alliances but people do not oppress the Minorities but in india intolerant religious parties are sitting in government and making policy against Minorities. In india I saw fear in the Minorities, not such in pakistan. India has had two presidents who were Muslims. Kalam remains the most loved president in India by a huge margin. Premji and other countless Muslim businessmen have flourished.

Countless Muslims play in the national side of India in cricket and other sports, even captain many teams. Muslims dominate art and culture in India including Bollywood. Muslims have their own personal law in India. What else proof is needed. India is not a nation but union of different countries.

Each one independently has no problems with majority or minority, for example Tamil Nadu where muslims are Tamils. But when outside influence from gujarat seep in then people are divided on behest of other outsiders. India should have been 12 different independent countries, then this problem would not arise. I am sure, India will always remain secular, where all religions can be practised, people from all colour and creed have equal say. Never it has happened or will happen.

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India has welcomed in the past Christians from Syria, Jews from Middle East, Parsees from Iran, Albanians when they were attacked, Chinese when Japan attacked them more than 2 lakhs Chinese origin people are living in Calcutta and many others. India is one of the rarest country where almost all religion shrines are present. This is India's strength.

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Some small section of people belonging to different communities may always try to disturb the peace but no one can change it. To be fair to our PM, he never said anything against India's core faith. Please highlight any statement he made rather than criticizing him all the time without placing facts. British used divide and rule policy. History has many hidden facts which are not brought forward It will be intelligent to clear our country debts and compete with developed countries Rather than fight with each other.

War brings debt not prosperity. If you disagree see UK gold holdings in world. Its probably the bane or our times that any curb on fundamental human rights are looked from the scope of religion.


The poor of the Muslim countries are not enjoying any better conditions than poor of non muslim countries. Then why this. Excellent, dispassionate article Madam. There are many points to ponder for all the right minded people on both sides of the border. In India, fortunately vast majority of the Majority community are secular in outlook and vociferous in condemning any discrimination of the minorities. A very important point to discuss would be the positive growth of minority population in India vis-a-vis negative growth of the same in Pakistan.

It is true that economically Muslims are not growing as fast as Hindus. They need to find out the real reason for it. Blaming the Hindus will not solve the problem. They need to understand why Christians, Sikhs or Jains are doing good progress economically in comparative terms.

“Muslim Minority-State Relations: Violence, Integration, and Policy” (Mason, ed.)

Modern education, Family Planning are two issues the community should debate internally. Why done you talk about China. Muslims were disallowed from fasting during Ramadan.

Is this ok and not amount oppression? Looks like political scores are being settled in name of Religion.

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Otherwise, in the Indian society, there is really no obstacle to rise as much as you want to. India as a union ,of different countries too diverse to be called one nation , is simply not working. It has to be kept glued by propagating a one point extremist religious agenda of Hinduism.

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This volume explores the dominant types of relationships between Muslim minorities and states in different parts of the world, the challenges each side faces. Muslim Minority-State Relations. Violence, Integration, and Policy. Editors Muslim-State Relations in Great Britain: An Evolving Story. Nasar Meer, Tariq.

In such circumstances , Minorities will be threatened and disadvantaged. Secular in name won't hide the reality of extremism. But in the end unatural boundaries revert back to its original form. A fine article but many more points left out. Hindu nationalism arises due to unending appeasement of Muslims through vote bank politics.

Also Muslim women movement like that of Bhartiya Muslim mahila sanghathan should be highlighted which maybe is the only women led Muslim movement in the world. Low and middle class Muslims are marginalised everywhere in the world including their home countries. The beef ban in Maharashtra is an internal affair of Maharashtrians and need not be viewed from the narrow angle of Muslim sentiments.

Maharashtrians, though not very religious, do not want cows killed for meat, that's it. Maharashtrian Muslims also don't have any issue with it. They are free to leave or rather all non Maharashtrians will be compelled to leave at some point. Muslims and Minorities are so oppressed, that US spokesperson and Obama seperately had to tell India to stop oppressing and targeting Minorities. What more blatant indictment than that. Beyond border FYI only turkey has took 2. Where you get your information? I am afraid that the very title betrays a biased mind, though the material is itself an attempt to be objective.

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The right question to address is the status of Muslims in India. Secondly, I am surprised that there is no mention of that appalling rate of illiteracy in the community, the stranglehold of religious and political leaders on the community especially when they shout interference with their religion every time a reform is attempted. Not to mention the pitiable state of Muslim women. Hindu and Christian women are in a bad state, but they are much better off in comparison.

Babri Masjid is a symbol of the emergence of Hindu Right. But looked at in perspective, this is nothing compared to thousands of Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh temples that were desecrated by the invaders. And compared with Pakistan, as the author rightly notes, India secular. Most Indians are secular. Not something that can be said of I am from South india and I have lived in delhi and mumbai and I can confidentry say muslim in india are the happiest people along with hindus And why if some one calls himself a Hindu is always painted as a right wing Hindu fundamentalist?

Can't a Hindu simply be a Hindu , like a Muslim is a Muslim. So, should a Muslim also be painted a Muslim fundamentalist? A very long article but touches lot of interesting notes. All left wing writers always freely paint a Hindu as right wing Hindu and that is what I object to. Khalifullah Couldn't agree more with you!

Absolutely spot on! The reason for ghettoization need to be looked within not outside. In this essay context is missing. Compared to Pakistan most citizens in India including Muslims lead secure lives. The legal structure and Indian Constitution compared to its neighbor ensures it. Secondly, Indian Muslims are not a homogenous lot, North Indian Muslims having similar mindset to their neighborly brothers.

South Indian Muslims cannot be segregated from the mainstream because on all parameters -- income, education, wealth, social strata, they fair on equal footing.