Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa

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A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa

A grammar of Yakan. Manila: Linguistic Society of the Philippines. Breitbarth, Anne, and Henk van Riemsdijk eds. Studies in generative grammar Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.

A lexicon of modern Mohegan : the dialect of Jits Bodunaxa / Julian Granberry

Seduction, community, speech: A festschrift for Herman Parret. New developments in parsing technology. Dordrecht: Springer. Burke, Peter. Languages and communities in Early Modern Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Burridge, Kate. Blooming English: Observations on the roots, cultivation and hybrids of the English language.

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Martin; and Christian M. Matthiessen eds. Language typology: A functional perspective. Canepari, Luciano. Manuale di fonetica. Chaara, Fadoua. Die Interaktion der aspektsemantik mit dem lexicon im Marokkanisch-Arabischen. As in f!!! Fortis [! Lenis [D]; As in matter Voiceless fortis velar stop. Fortis [k]; As in fOl Voiceless Ienis velar stop. LenislQl; As infl!! Voiceless fortis palatal affiicate. Lenis [J]; As in Edge Voiceless fortis dental spirant. Lenis [Z]; As in rose lm l Voiced bilabial nasal.

English me Voiced dental nasal. As in new Voiced velar nasal. Lexical En tri es. Moh egan words, spelled in the orthography defined by the Mohegan tribal Lang uage Committee in , are entered in the Lexic on in standard dictionary forma t.

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Different type styles ha ve be en use d to render the task of looking up indivi dual forms uncomplicate d and to distinguish be tween the various kinds of tra nscription that have been used to indicate the soun ds of Jits Bodunaxa's Modern Mohegan. The format and type styles used are as follows: z w,u w y, i y i ay au,ou aw oi, oy oy - The vowel lol English SQ, without itshas the positionall -defined glide ffi y. Allophone l w en between formpreceded or followed' by ' or 1w1 and any other sin 1' Pequot forms spelled with initial p, t, k, ch, and s become the nature and source ofthe individual morphemes making up the word.

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A Lexicon of Modern Mohegan: The Dialect of Jits Bodunaxa [Julian Granberry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mohegan, a dialect of the Mohegan-Pequot language of Southern New England, was one of the major Algonquian languages of.

Pequot forms spelled with final p, t, k, ch, and s become form- Entries from Pequot Dialect Sources. All attested words specifically in the Mohegan dialect and taken from known Mohegan dialect speakersJits Bodunaxa, James Rogers, Emma Baker, and Gladys Tantaquidgeonare entered in ordinary bold-face type, as shown above.

Words which have been derived from Pequot dialect sources, however, are given in italic bold- face type, to indicate to the Lexicon user that they may have been used in Mohegan, but we have no actual attestation of such usage. The Pequot data consists of two reliably gathered word-lists, one made by the Rev. James Noyes sometime before the year near Stonington, Connecticut, the other gathered by Ezra Stiles, at Groton, in Lexicon Source entries for words derived from these sources are indicated as 'Noyes' and 'Stiles" respectively.

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Each of the lexical items taken from the above Pequot sources has been re-written as a possible Mohegan form by application of the known soundcorrespondences which separated the two dialects, as indicated by the orthographies of the documentary sources. These formulas are quite straight-forward.

With consonants' only the stops p , t, k, b, d, g , a ffr'tcates ch,j , and the sibilant spirant s are involved. The other consonants remain the same.

watch The consonantal formulas are as follows: final b, d, g,j, and z in Mohegan; 3. Pequot forms spelled with b, d, g, j or dg , and z between vowels remain the same in Mohegan; 4. Pequot forms spelled with pp, tt, kk or ck , chch or tch , and ss between vowels become p, t, k, ch, and s in Mohegan; 7. Pequot forms spelled with initial p, t, k, ch, and s which derive from a Prato-Algonquian or Proto-Eastern Algonquian form with hp,ht, hk, hch, and hs become initial p, t, k, ch, and s in Mohegan; 8. Pequot forms spelled with final p, t, k, ch, and s which derive from a Prato-Algonquian or Proto-Eastern Algonquian form with hp,ht, hk, hch, and hs become final p, t, k, ch, and s in Mohegan.

Vowel correspondence formulas are considerably less regular, and, by and large, Pequot vowels have been left as they are in the reconstituted Mohegan form unless examination of Prato-Algonquian or Proto-Eastern Algonquian lexical forms dictates a change. The most noticeable variation between the two dialects is that between u and i - as in Pequot wuttun and Mohegan witun 'wind'.

We do not have enough data, however, to venture any secure statements on such vocalic variations. Other Possible Lexical Sources. The temptation is great, for example, to take the full vocabulary ofNat ick Massachusett as recorded by Eliot and others in the mid and late s and from that manufacture a full vocabulary for Modern Mohegan.

Wordlist Mohegan

The linguist using this method, however, should heed Edward Sapir's observation that "all grammars leak". The even and heavyhanded application of derivation-by-pattern, particularly by computer systems such as the over-used Shoe Box program, gives highly skewed, inaccurate, and very un-Mohegan results. This is not the goal of the present Lexicon. While such a procedure, carefully applied by a professional linguist with many years experience in handling data from the Southe rn New England languages, may be fruitful in the future , its use in the present volume would lead to an unfaithful presentation of the known Mohegan data.

Sa-1 [booksha-] break. English 'bonnet ' [Source: Diary 1. Zugl [geetuzug] cattle Der. English 'chair'? Skx:Jngl [gushkerchung] I. Jag no, 2. Tale; Noyes'poon amun '] Ex.

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S-1 [unksh-] sell. This form has been metathesized. Good day!

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Southern Lisu dictionary. Wigun ta! By the application of known phonological correspondences between the Mohegan dialect and the mutually intelligible neighboring Pequot forms and the grammatical patterns of compounding and affixation used by Jits Bodunaxa, a working vocabulary of some 15, individual words was dialect, it is also possible to reconstruct an additional number of probably occurring lexical items which may be tentatively added to the total vocabulary of Modern Mohegan. Diller, Anthony, Jerold A. Cocroft Deploying.