Cast Iron Cooking For Dummies

Cast Iron Cooking For Dummies
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We like to use this traditional dry char technique because it coaxes sweet, earthy flavors from the vegetables and gives them just a hint of smokiness. They bring a unique twist to the classic sweet potato, and create a nice crunch to complement the other items on the holiday lunch or dinner table.

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But it all mixes together to form a delicious sweet potato delight. Serve these savory little numbers with a dollop of sour cream and a squeeze of lime as a crunchy appetizer or a dish to accompany roasted or grilled meats or fish. Equally at home on your stove or over a campfire, this fragrant skillet breakfast pulls double duty for dinner with a green salad. Try substituting sweet potatoes for russets and your favorite tart apple for Granny Smith.

Other smoked fish like bluefish or whitefish also work well here. If using thinly sliced smoked salmon, cut into pieces and drape over hash just before serving.

This rustic meal, a company's-coming riff on the old-school chicken-and-rice number, is held together by a tangy gravy flavored with country ham and mushrooms. We can attest that this dish is worth the wait. Jazz up the classic comfort food recipe with fresh toppings like flat-leaf parsley and crunchy sliced almonds. All the flavors of a favorite casserole come together in the comfort of mac and cheese.

Serve this dish to your family, and it will become a quick favorite. Filet mignon cooks quickly with a little butter and olive oil in the skillet. Just add salt and pepper to seal the taste. The "top-shelf" in this recipe speaks to the crispy skin, superior flavor, and juiciness of the bird. It also refers to a novel new technique: cooking potatoes in the heavy cast-iron skillet that's used as a weight on the chicken. The weight presses the chicken flat against the grill grates, cutting the cooking time in half. Plus you'll be cooking your side dish at the same time. Straight from the oven, this puffy, airy pancake will elicit major oohs and aahs from your crowd.

Be sure to use low-fat or fat-free milk--the pancake will puff higher. Recipe: Braised White Turnips. This recipe is a simple way to create a delicious and beautiful side dish for your Thanksgiving table.

If you prefer single-item sides rather than casseroles, or gratins, then dishes like these Braised White Turnips are the perfect dishes for you. These are cooked in butter, then simmered first in vinegar, then after in honey and butter, to create a beautiful combination of sweet-and-sour-tasting turnips. Use small Japanese turnips from farmers' markets, or peel and cut larger turnips into 1- to 2-inch cubes.

Low-fat kitchen staples keep this Cheddar-topped cornbread moist and delicious. Enjoy it as a side to any meal, or use this recipe as an ingredient in our fabulous Farmhouse Eggs Benedict. This is the absolute best way to cook Brussels sprouts, but this recipe is as much about the beautiful flavors of the glaze as it is making sure that the sprouts are cooked to perfection. Mixing sweet and sour, an Asian-influenced sauce that includes honey, soy sauce, garlic, and crushed red pepper is stirred in with the crispy sprouts. Roast in an oven preheated to F for 20 minutes OR until a knife pierces the cauliflower easily.

I suggest you acquire varying sizes for your cast iron skillet cooking adventures, which means you can prepare many different items at once; because cast iron roasted chicken and cast iron roasted cauliflower pair VERY nicely together! If you have any cast iron skillet cooking tips or questions, please share below! I love my Lodge Skillet.

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Thank you so much Craig! Cast iron is so amazing, with a little know-how, so many tasty meals are possible! I also love my cast iron pan. Great Post. I never thought cast iron is so important!

Cast Iron Cooking for Dummies

I will buy one! Thank you for this lovely post.

Bianca Osbourne. Toggle Navigation. Cast Iron Skillet Cooking For Beginners One of the things I tell people about cooking and meal planning is to walk before you run, but in the case of cast iron, jump in head first. Cast Iron Goes Both Ways Cast iron is a material that conducts heat well, so it lends itself to both stove-top and oven cooking.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Cast Iron Skillet • Tasty

Heat butter and olive oil in a cast iron pan Add the chicken, wing side down. Cook for minutes.

50+ Cast Iron Skillet Recipes to Make for Dinner Tonight

Jan 02, Terrie added it. I am a cast iron convert. This book has the sort of back to basics type recipes I've been looking for. Good book. Sal Mar rated it liked it Dec 29, Tim Edgerly rated it really liked it Feb 19, Tess Olson rated it really liked it Feb 20, Cindi rated it it was ok Dec 13, Cerisse rated it it was amazing Sep 18, Dee Raymond rated it it was amazing Aug 11, Heather rated it really liked it Sep 05, Chris Manydeeds rated it really liked it Oct 15, Patti rated it liked it Feb 05, Pam Comeau rated it really liked it Jan 16, Michael Broussard rated it really liked it Oct 12, P Farrell rated it liked it Jan 14, Michael Martin rated it it was amazing Jul 29, Alfreda Frye rated it really liked it Aug 07, Morgan rated it it was ok Jun 14, Linda O.

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Then, grab that skillet and get ready to do a deep dive into the world of cast iron cooking—these are our favorite ways to use it. Type keyword s to search. Store-bought ravioli means this impressive dish takes just 30 minutes to make. Unstuffed Bell Pepper Skillet. Now there are chips in the patina going down to the original cast iron.

Tracy L. Other books in the series. Dummies 1 - 10 of books. Books by Tracy L. Trivia About Cast-Iron Cooking No trivia or quizzes yet. Quotes from Cast-Iron Cooking This chapter tells you everything that you need to know.

Choosing Your Cast Iron Cookware Pieces

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